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2011 Awards:Best of the Best

Best Cooking Equipment of 2011 - The Readers' Choice Awards
Saladmaster has some loyal fans - the brand scored more than half of all the votes in the Best Cookware contest, not to mention plenty of glowing comments on the voting page. The Saladmaster cookware line has a stainless steel-titanium construction, space-saving detachable handles and a specially designed vented lid that indicates when the heat needs to be turned down. Additionally, the construction of the pan allows for semi-vacuum cooking, which helps to preserve nutrients. The company believes these features help Saladmaster users prepare healthier meals.
Saladmaster fans again showed their support, earning the Saladmaster Machine the distinction of being the Best Kitchen Gadget in the Readers' Choice Awards. The Saladmaster Machine is the gadget with which the Saladmaster company was founded in 1946; today this product can't actually be purchased, but it's offered as a gift to those who host a Saladmaster dinner party, the sales pitch method Saladmaster dealers use to promote and sell their products. The Saladmaster Machine is a crank-operated countertop gadget that can slice and shred foods by means of a variety of cutting cones.
Saladmaster maskinen fikk 72% av stemmene
Best Kitchen Gadget Voting Results Here
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